Drug Court

Drug CrimesDrug courts in New Jersey provide certain non-violent drug offenders an alternative to traditional criminal court and incarceration. “Drug courts” function within the New Jersey Superior Court system and keep non-violent offenders out of jail if they follow a highly structured and strictly monitored substance abuse rehabilitation program. The objective is to address the individual’s underlying addiction so that he becomes drug free, thereby eliminating the criminal activity that supports the actor’s addiction.

Drug Courts are run by a team of professionals who focus on getting non-violent offenders “on the right track.” Team members include judges, attorneys, prosecutors, substance abuse evaluators and counselors, probation officers, treatment professionals and the like.

Drug court focuses on rehabilitation – providing participants with treatment for substance abuse, education, health care and job training. While in the program, participants undergo frequent drug tests, make scheduled court appearances and comply with the strict rules and guidelines set forth by their treatment professionals. In every instance, the goal is recovery and a fresh start.

Attorney Gwendolyn O. Austin has worked with many clients throughout New Jersey, including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic and Union County, to determine whether the drug court program is right for them and, if so, helped them get admitted to the program. Fortunately, some of her clients have successfully completed the program – making their drug dependency a thing of the past.

If you are facing criminal charges as a direct consequence of supporting your drug dependency, the New Jersey Drug Court program may be an alternative to future incarceration. Contact Attorney Austin at (973) 735-2706 or on line for your free, confidential consultation. She is very familiar with the Drug Court system and can help you with the lengthy application process to get into the program.