New Jersey Juvenile Crimes Attorney

10391_11Sometimes, no matter the level of care you take with your children, problems still arise. If your child has been arrested for a crime and faces the possibility of having to appear in juvenile court, you may be asking, “What did I do wrong?” Your second question may be “How can I help my child?”

All parents want their children to have as bright a future as possible.  Unfortunately, even the brightest future can quickly become clouded for juveniles who find themselves in the “juvenile justice ” system.    Whether the charge is such that it is resolved in “juvie” court or of a more serious nature and waived up to “adult” court, the consequences meted out by the criminal justice system are compounded by the cold, hard realities of life once your child has completed his sentence as a juvenile.

Taking Juvenile Crime Seriously

If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, trite sayings such as “kids will be kids,” “sowing wild oats” or “youth must have its fling” do little to address the serious nature of the situation. A criminal conviction can forever alter your son or daughter’s future educational and career prospects.

At The Law Office of Gwendolyn O. Austin, I address juvenile criminal matters with families, taking steps to minimize the impact of a conviction on a minor child’s life. If you are a parent whose child has been arrested for a crime, I invite you to contact me. I handle a variety of juvenile justice matters, including:

Assisting Parents

Together we can look at your child’s situation rationally and practically and explore options. I set realistic expectations for my clients and look at alternatives to harsh sentencing such as community service, fines and restitution, or probation.

Having an advocate who cares and will guide you through an often-confusing process can make a significant difference in your child’s case. Working with an attorney who sees matters from a personal level and provides appropriate service can give you strength during an emotionally challenging family time.

I look forward to assisting you. If you would like to schedule a free and confidential consultation with me to discuss your child’s juvenile criminal charges, please contact me today. Together we can chart a course for a brighter future for your child. Call 973-735-2706.