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Traffic LawWith penalties that include significant fines, the potential loss of your driving privileges, community service, surcharges, higher insurance premiums and incarceration, there is no denying that traffic tickets are a serious matter in New Jersey.

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In municipal courts throughout the state, I have negotiated plea agreements that result in fewer points.  Even though some of the zero-point plea agreements result in higher fines in court, the client “buys down” the points to avoid the additional expense of NJMVC surcharges for point accumulation and/or increased insurance costs.  I have also helped many clients work within the system to reduce existing points through the completion of NJMVC sponsored and/or approved driver improvement classes.

Much of my practice involves representing clients before these two governmental entities. Although the Municipal Court system does not control the actions of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and vice versa, the authority of one impacts the actions of the other. For instance, if you plead guilty to a moving violation in the Municipal Court system, the court imposes a monetary fine. The record of the conviction is then forwarded to NJMVC to become part of your permanent driving history. At this point, NJMVC assesses points against your license. If you plead guilty to a more serious violation like driving while suspended, failure to maintain liability insurance on your vehicle or driving under the influence, the court will impose the statutory penalties including license suspension, fines and other fees; NJMVC will impose an additional monetary penalty or surcharge. Once your license is suspended by the court system, you may not resume driving until you receive clearance from NJMVC.

NJMVC also has additional authority with respect to the suspension of your driving privileges. It is the agency responsible for maintaining and updating your permanent driving record. Consequently, it is advised of any infraction that can, under its authority, trigger an administrative suspension. These infractions include, but are not limited to the following:

– Notice from your insurance company that your liability policy has been cancelled or has lapsed,
– Accumulation of too many points on your license.
– Notice of your conviction of a moving violation during a period of license suspension, and more

When any such event occurs, NJMVC will send you a notice of proposed suspension ranging from 30 days to 24 months. This notice gives you the opportunity to accept the suspension by paying the $100.00 restoration fee or to request a hearing. NEVER accept a proposed suspension before speaking with an attorney who has successfully represented clients facing a proposed suspension.

Attorney Gwendolyn O. Austin has represented hundreds of clients at NJMVC hearings – in all cases eliminating or reducing the duration of the actual suspension. In those cases where an administrative suspension was imposed, she has often negotiated a start date that was the least problematic for her client.

Gwendolyn O. Austin is a knowledgeable, experienced municipal court and NJMVC defense attorney serving clients in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic and Union Counties.

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