Do you feel the burden of a past criminal conviction? Are you thinking about applying for a scholarship or for professional licensure but are worried your past may come back to haunt you? Do you fear you will not get the job you have applied for because of your criminal history?

I understand how prior criminal convictions can negatively impact your future. At The Law Office of Gwendolyn O. Austin in Newark, New Jersey, I assist clients in expunging criminal records, to the extent that the law permits. Contact me to find out if your record can be expunged. Call (973) 735-2706.

Let’s Examine Your Criminal Record

If you decide you want to have a criminal record expunged, the first step we will undertake is to obtain a fingerprint card from the local police so that we can obtain a copy of your complete criminal history. This will give me full information on your criminal background and aid me in advising you regarding the charges that are eligible for expungement and the steps we need to take in order to clean up your record.

If a charge is dismissed outright, you can file your petition for expungement right away. If you receive a diversionary disposition, you are eligible to file your petition for expungement 6 months after your discharge from the diversionary program and the payment of all fines. For other non-indictable criminal offenses such as petty disorderly persons or disorderly persons offenses, you may not file your petition for expungement until five years after the last date of conviction, payment of fines, satisfactory completion of probation and/or release from incarceration. The wait time is 10-years after completion of the sentence for an indictable offense, with certain exceptions. Contact me to see if and when your record can be expunged. Call (973) 735-2706.

Your Right to a Brighter Future

An expungement is a one-time opportunity to remove your criminal records from public access. Once the Judge grants your petition for expungement, you will be able to answer “No” when asked if you have been charged with a crime. Of course, you will have to make sure you keep your record clean.

In addition to brightening your job prospects, an expungement can be valuable in educational and professional contexts. You will be able to apply for scholarships or professional licenses unhindered by the past. For some people, expunging a criminal record allows them to close the door on the past problems and prepare for a bright future.


It is important to note that there are exceptions. Certain criminal convictions cannot be expunged. It is always best to discuss matters with an attorney. I am happy to examine your record and provide you with encouragement and sound counsel.

I look forward to assisting you. If you would like to schedule a free and confidential consultation with me to discuss expunging a criminal charge from your record and gaining a fresh start, please contact me today. Call (973) 735-2706.