Child Support Modification

Child support is modifiable in New Jersey. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances, you can seek a child support modification. Examples include becoming disabled, losing a job that is difficult or virtually impossible to duplicate, having children in another relationship, or a substantial increase in salary. However, just losing a job may not constitute a legitimate basis for downward modification, since this circumstance is considered to be temporary.  If you are seeking to modify your child support obligation or benefit, I can assist you.

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Modify Child Support Payments

Part of my family law practice includes helping clients modify child support payments. I will help you file the necessary paperwork with the court. A hearing will be required during which the hearing officer and/or a judge will determine whether to increase or decrease the amount of your child support- depending on the facts of your particular situation and the NJ child support guidelines.

The standard for a modification in child support is a substantial change in circumstances and whether or not the an “emancipating” event has occurred in the life of the child being supported.  A child can be emancipated if one of the following events occurs: (1) the child is 18 years old and/or has completed high school BUT is not a full time college student with passing grades; (2) the child has gotten married; (3) the child has joined a branch of military service.

It is important to note that child support may increase if the child graduates high school and immediately incurs college expenses as a full time student as the child will not be eligible for emancipation AND will require contribution toward college.

Emancipation is not automatic.  The parent obligated to pay must make application to the court to emancipate the child.  If the parent obligated to pay has failed to do so for many years and accumulated arrears, this debt must be paid before the child can be officially emancipated even though an emancipating event has occurred with regard to that child.

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