Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)

The New Jersey Pre-trial Intervention Program (PTI) was designed to help first time offenders avoid jail time and stay out of the “system.” The PTI program strives to address the contributing factors in a first time offender’s life that led to his or initial arrest and deter future criminal conduct. If accepted into the program, you must remain arrest and drug free, report to probation, remain gainfully employed, pay any court ordered fines and/or restitution, perform any court ordered community service and get your FED if you have not finished high school. Once a first time offender successfully completes the PTI program, the charges will be dismissed and all records regarding the initial arrest can be expunged after six months.

In order to qualify for the Pre-Trial Intervention program you must be a New Jersey resident (unless you reside in a state with a reciprocal program that will accept a transfer of your PTI). This must be your first charge with an indictable offense excluding a charge that is “assaultive”. If a person is eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention, he or she will first fill out an application and be interviewed by a member of the probation department who will recommend acceptance into the program or rejection based on the information presented by the applicant. In application is then forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office for independent review and recommendation. If accepted, the applicant enters into the program without pleading guilty to an offense.

Attorney Gwendolyn O. Austin has assisted several of her clients in making application for the program and taking the necessary steps to be admitted into the program. When her clients have been denied PTI, Attorney Austin has successfully “appealed” several denials on behalf of her clients – submitting memorandums of compelling reasons why the applicant should be given an opportunity to participate in the program.

Given the substantial benefits attached to successful completion of the PTI program, determining whether or not you are eligible to participate and can avoid a criminal record is crucial to your future. Attorney Austin is committed to helping each of her clients by providing them with the individualized support and advocacy they deserve.

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