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202307_11If you were recently cited for a traffic violation you should seek the advice of an experienced traffic attorney and evaluate your options with regard to defending against the charge BEFORE deciding how you will respond to the citation.  While one traffic infraction may not seem like a big deal, if you are found guilty of committing the offense, you will face monetary fines and in some cases, suspension of your driving privileges and imprisonment.

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Gwendolyn O. Austin, Esq., can help you fight traffic tickets and eliminate or reduce motor vehicle points.  If you accumulate too many motor vehicle points or if you are convicted of a serious traffic violation, your driving privileges can be suspended by the municipal court and/or by NJMVC.  Fines are imposed by the Court for each conviction of a motor vehicle offense.  A record of the conviction becomes a part of your permanent driving history – at which point the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission imposes any points associated with the particular violation.

Points are assessed depending on the seriousness of the violation – ranging from 2 points for careless driving to 8 points for leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuries.   If you plead guilty or are found guilty of a moving violation outside NJ, you will get 2 points on your NJ license.  Keep in mind that paying a ticket is the same as appearing in court and entering a guilty plea.

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